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About East Boca Kehilla


~ Our Mission ~

The goal of our community is to create an environment where spiritual growth is a palpable reality, the study of Torah is central and where all Jews feel welcome.

Our friendly and family-like atmosphere engenders a strong sense of connectedness and belonging which allows for genuine relationships with each other and, ultimately, our Creator.

We aspire to ignite the flame of Torah within ourselves and share its warmth and light with others.


~ Tefilla ~

During the week Tefilla is pristine, and on Shabbos the sanctity of the day illuminates our shul. Kabbalas Shabbos is electrifying, and davening is uplifting - infused with joy, reverence, and song. On Shabbos morning, the playground and recreation area of our shul is filled with laughter and excitement.

~ Torah Study ~

Every morning before Shacharis and every evening after Maariv, the sound of Torah study permeates the shul.


In addition to the many opportunities for daily learning, Rabbi Light's stimulating weekly shiurim include the in-depth study of Gemara, Halacha, Tanach and contemporary Hashkafic topics. There are also practical and insightful groups on marriage, Mussar and Tefilla.

Some notable learning programs are the "Sunday Morning Shiur & Breakfast Bonaza", Monday night in-depth Gemara shiur, Thursday Night Mishmar & Chulent, and Shabbos Morning Pre-Shacharis Learning.


We are also fortunate to have other talented Rabbis living in our community who contribute to the rich tapestry of Torah learning and teaching.


~ Women's Programming ~


One of our very unique and uplifting Torah study groups takes place every Shabbos morning after Kiddush where women of the community participate in an interactive and thought-provoking discussion with Rabbi Light.

There are also monthly women’s shiurim on a variety of practical and inspirational topics.

Last but not least, there are frequent opportunities for women to get together and enjoy each other's company! The N'shei of East Boca is active, organizing exciting and engaging events for women throughout the year.


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